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Our Program

Our Goal

Our goal is simple; Breed Healthy, Loving Puppies. To achieve this, we make sure we go the extra mile.

We like to select the best homes available for all of our puppies, we would never just sell to the first person to offer us money. We like to check all potential owners to make sure their lifestyle is suitable for the needs of one of our French Bulldogs. We prefer people who have current or previous dog owning experience, although this isn’t necessary. We prefer people with flexible working hours (working from home, retired etc.). People who work full time don’t suit our criteria as we don’t want our puppies left alone all day. It appeals to us if someone has done research and hasn’t just rushed into the idea of getting a puppy. We love to have people come to meet us and our dogs as it gives us a chance to meet you and gather an idea of the life you can offer one of our puppies.

Before deciding which stud dog we use, we ensure that all candidates are clear from all hereditary conditions and are in good health. We also use the Kennel Clubs ‘Mate Select’ service to make sure the chances inbreeding is minimalised.

When puppies are born, we do certain daily tasks/checks on the pups until they are of a certain age. These include: checks on C-Section scar if the Bitch has a C-Section, making sure pups don’t have blockages in their anus, weighing puppies daily, checking claw lengths, inspecting feces for worms, checking umbilical cords daily, disinfecting whelping box twice daily, changing wet papers or beds, ensure every pup latches during feeding & ensuring anybody who handles pups either has clean hands or wears gloves. We also ensure mother is clean after using the bathroom, she has her anti biotics (when undergone C-Section), inspect discharge from Vulva and ensuring her stomach is clean before puppies feed.

We supervise the puppies for 24 hours for the first 14 days as this is the most critical period of the pups life. We worm pups at 2, 5 & 8 weeks of age. Puppies are microchipped in our home and are then checked by a vet the day before or day they travel to their new homes. The Pups first vaccination is optional, as in most cases, when we administer the first vaccination, the Vet our clients go to need to re start the vaccination cycle again, making the injection we give the pup unnecessary. All puppies come with KC registration papers and change of ownership form. We begin the socialisation of the puppies early, getting them used to being petted by lots of people, household noises (hoovers, washing machines, kids etc.), different floor surfaces & taking them outside into the garden.

We then hand deliver our puppies to your home into your arms.

Our Facilities

At Blue Frenchies UK, we believe that the environment that the puppies grow up in is important. All of our dogs live inside our family home and we have never or will never let them live outside in Kennels, even if they were heated.

We turned a room in our house into our ‘Whelping Room’ where we whelp our puppies. We installed waterproof Karndean flooring with double layers of underlay and ¾ ply board, we lined the walls with Wall Rock and had them coated in a special heat retaining paint. We then had purpose made storage units installed for all of our supplies and cleaning materials. A new Window with Double Glazed Laminated units, sealed with Argon Gas inside was installed. The Argon gas will help retain the heat from the inside while also reducing heat coming inside the house from the outside. For safety we also removed and covered all plug sockets and had the homes consumer unit cased inside a cupboard.

Before a litter is born, we always complete a full disinfect of the room in preparation. When Puppies are with us, we always have Lactol Puppy Milk (or similar products) on hand to help feed Puppies who are struggling to feed. We also have Bulb syringes to help remove mucus. We have access to Incubators, fading puppy pastes and other helpful powders should we ever need them.

We’re here to help! Get in touch for more information.