Our Families

When you buy a French Bulldog from us here at Blue Frenchies UK, you become part of our great big family.

Footballer Adam Clayton (Middlesbrough FC) and his wife Mandi took home our Solid Blue boy Hercules; they called him Caesar. They already have a Puggle so he will have a brother.

“From the second we saw the litter at Blue Frenchies UK, we knew that we just HAD to have one!

The puppies were kept in great conditions in a lovely home. Dawn and Marc were absolutely brilliant in telling us everything we needed to know about the breed. We could see immediately how loved and well looked after the puppies were.

We chose a beautiful blue boy and named him ‘Caesar’. After we had chose him, Dawn and Marc constantly updated us with Caesar’s progress and sent us photos to show us how he was getting on! We were over the moon at these little personal touches.

Once the day finally came to pick him up, we were given a brilliant puppy pack containing everything we could ever need to know. When we brought Caesar home he was absolutely perfect; gorgeous and well socialised, thanks to Dawn and Marc’s fantastic raising in a loving home.

He gets on amazingly with our 2 year old Puggle, they play all day together! We also think it is fab that they still keep in touch to see how Caesar is settling in. They definitely go above and beyond to make sure their puppies and new owners are happy.

French Bulldogs are a truly amazing breed, so loving and sweet. We couldn’t be happier with our baby boy and would recommend anyone to go to Blue Frenchies UK! Thank you so much!”

Peter Crossley-Ellis & his wife (owners of The White Horse Pub in Clitheroe) took home our little blue pied girl Brea. They already have 2 Weimaraner’s so Brea will have 2 sisters.

“Having found Marc and Dawn on the Kennel Club website, I contacted them enquiring about the litter they had and arranged a home visit to view the puppies.

On arrival I was greeted by Marc and Skyler, the mother to the litter. Skyler is a beautiful friendly dog. I found Marc and Dawn informative and knowledgeable. They showed me the puppies which were kept in excellent conditions in the family home. The puppies were well fed, sociable, confident and energetic.

I was shown the breeders contract and it was explained fully. I agreed to buy our Blue Pied female who is now known as ‘Nugget’.

We arranged a date to receive the her and in the following weeks I received pictures and updates on her progress. When Marc delivered nugget with her full puppy pack, I was delighted and she had grown and was very confident around my two Weimararners.

When I registered her at my vets, the vet checked her over and was very impressed with her and the puppy pack, she said it was the best one she had seen and wished they could all be as informative!

Having had nugget now for a few weeks she’s growing into a little star who is bright, confident and very friendly.

I would like to thank Marc and Dawn, I would recommend them and Blue Frenchies UK to anyone who asks where I got my little girl from!”

Writer Amanda Walker took home her Little Solid Blue Boy Milo.

Instagram: dulceamorsanbr

“Two years ago I happened to meet a very handsome French Bulldog and for me it was love at first sight. Over the next 2 years my longing for a Frenchie of my own never wavered. After I had recovered from a particularly brutal operation I decided to begin my search. I looked at advertisements on the internet and even visited a couple but I wasnt convinced I was buying a true pedigree Frenchie. And even on one occasion I discovered that “the seller” was in fact a puppy farmer.

I discovered Blue Frenchies UK purely by chance whilst on the internet. I contacted Marc and Dawn who are the owners of Blue Frenchies UK and immediately I was impressed by their professional yet friendly nature. Over the next week I asked many questions and finally arranged to meet their last boy puppy of the litter. Marc and Dawn also asked me questions to make sure I was 100% suitable for their boy.

After meeting Milo (my Frenchie) I knew he was the one for me and Marc & Dawn could not have been more helpful with the buying process. I met Milos mum and the rest of the litter and also 2 dogs from her previous litter. I could tell that all the dogs were happy, loved and cared for. Their care plan included – vet visits, vaccinations, micro chipping, weaning, 5 weeks free insurance and delivery of your puppy to you. Once Milo had been delivered Marc and Dawn went through everything with me and could not have been more helpful ans reassuring.

Milo has settled in nicely and even sleeps through the night! Hes funny and loveable although he seems to have a sock hoarding problem! Everyone loves him and hes becoming a very confident boy.”

Francesca Colacurcio took home our big Solid Blue Boy Boris.

Instagram: the_frenchie_called_boris_

I found Blue Frenchies UK when I was looking for a car air freshener one night and after seeing how beautiful their dogs were, I signed up to the waiting list straight away.

I got an email from Marc to say that Sklyer had 6 puppies and he would like to know a bit about my self and my family. He also asked if I wanted a boy or a girl. I chose my big boy Boris and got to meet him when the pups were grown enough. When I got there I got to meet mummy Sklyer, she was really friendly and all the other puppies were beautiful. After that I got regular texts and pictures from Marc telling me how Boris is getting on, which meant I got to see him grow. I was allowed to go and see him as much as I wanted. I was amazed by this because I got to see my boy Boris grow and develop.

The service I got from Blue Frenchies UK was out of this world and I would 100% recommend them to anyone. I’m hoping in the future that I’m lucky enough to get another puppy from them to keep Boris company. I always wanted a blue French Bulldog and I’m proud to have got my boy Boris from Blue Frenchies UK. Thank you Marc, Boris is really happy and very loved and we would be lost without him!

Tara McIlroy took home her beautiful Solid Blue girl Lilly.

Instagram: lily_the_woo

We first found out about Blue Frenchies UK via the Kennel Club Assured Breeder website. From the very start, Dawn and Marc were friendly and welcoming, inviting us to visit them and meet Skyler. We’d put some serious thought into buying a puppy as they’re such a big commitment, but knew immediately when we first visited that we wanted to have one of Skylers puppies – she’s such a gentle, lovely natured dog and it was apparent she was a much loved family pet from a great home. Marc and Dawn were also really knowledgable, answering all of our questions and sharing breed tips and training tricks. It was very much apparent that they considered and cared about which families would be lucky enough to have a puppy.

Even before the puppy’s arrived, we received regular updates and pictures of Skylers pregnancy which continued once the pups had arrived – it really made us feel involved and made the whole experience extra special.

Once the puppy’s were born we were able to visit several times, which was lovely as we could bond with Lily whilst waiting until she was old enough to come to her new home.

When the big day came, we received a fantastic puppy pack with everything we needed to make Lily’s move to her new home go smoothly. She has her mums lovely temperament and thanks to the wonderful care from Blue Frenchies UK, she was already well socialised and confident. Marc and Dawn continued to provide excellent after-care, getting in touch regularly to see how we were getting on.

We couldn’t recommend Blue Frenchies UK enough and the Frenchie obsession has well and truly taken hold..we couldn’t be without our baby now!

Andi & Mark took home one of our beautiful Solid Blue girls and called her Hettie.

After looking for a female French bulldog puppy for several months I found Marc and Dawn through the Kennel Club Website, advertising one last bitch left from their litter of 6. She was 8 weeks old at that time and ready to leave her mum so we arranged for my husband and I to visit them at their home and also meet some of the other puppies and their mum Skylar. Marc sent us pictures beforehand and fully explained everything we needed to know about her and the breed – we just fell in love with her and knew we had to have her!!

Marc and Dawn were so helpful and wonderful with their knowledge and advice and went through the contract with us in detail. We could both see that all their dogs and puppies are extremely cared for, loved, well looked after and are socialised, happy and healthy. Hettie was just perfect and exactly what we were looking for, and Marc kindly even agreed to drop her off to us the next day which was totally out of his way. He also brought an invaluable puppy pack detailing everything we needed to know which was fantastic.

Hettie has settled in with us brilliantly and we couldn’t imagine life without her. She is such a lovely, sweet natured dog and everyone that meets her just falls in love with her!! It is also so nice that Marc still keeps in touch with us to see how she is doing and is there for us to answer any questions should they arise. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Marc and Dawn at Blue Frenchies UK to anyone looking to get a French Bulldog. They are a fabulous breed and I wish I had got one sooner and plan to give Hettie a brother or sister very soon!! Many thanks for all your help.

Andi & Mark came back to us when Hettie was around one and a half about getting her a sister and they waited around 6 months to take home a beautiful Solid Blue Girl and called her Daisy.

After much debate we decided we would like another dog from Marc and Dawn and also to give Hettie a sister for company – we finally got to bring home our beautiful girl Daisy during August 2018. She is just gorgeous with a mischievous spirit and a very loving personality, and has bonded with Hettie really well. The pair are now inseparable and Daisy is definitely pack leader!!!

As before, Marc and Dawn have been fabulous and again we couldn’t recommend them highly enough. The dogs are bred to a very high standard and having met a lot of other Frenchies along the way, ours always stand out. Their dogs are fit and healthy and happy and looked after incredibly well. Marc has always stayed in touch and is always there to help if ever we need it.

French bulldogs make wonderful, quirky little companions and Blue Frenchies UK is definitely the best place to get one!!’

Mindi travelled over to Helsinki, Finland to live with Chef Nina Rönkkönen.

I contacted Marc about getting a French Bulldog and what I needed to do to get one to Finland. He was really helpful and explained everything required to get Mindi to my home easily.

Marc arranged all the vaccinations required and provided all the paperwork and a passport for Mindi. He picked me up and dropped me off at the airport when I picked Mindi up in England.

Mindi is very friendly and I love her. She loves Finland and everyday we go for walks. She is the perfect doggy and everybody in Finland is jealous. Whenever I need help or advice Marc always helps me and I recommend Blue Frenchie UK to anyone. They gave me my best friend ever.

The Davidson family took home a beautiful Solid Blue girl and called her Queenie. (@QueenieTheFrenchie)

We got our gorgeous puppy ‘Queenie’ on 19/11/17 from Blue Frenchies UK. I have two young children and was very cautious about finding the right breeder so that I got a happy and healthy puppy. After doing a lot of research, I found Blue Frenchies UK on the internet and loved their ethos and family vibe. Marc was extremely patient with me, answering all my questions quickly and honestly. He was the only breeder who insisted on meeting me and was very clear that he wanted his puppies to only go to ‘good homes’, which impressed me greatly.

I was on a waiting list for nearly a year but it was completely worth it. Queenie settled into our home so quickly and was completely chilled with family life. Blue Frenchies UK rear the pups in their own home so there is no adjustment period for them as they have never been in kennels. Everyone that meets Queenie comments on how calm and friendly she is. We are extremely happy.

Iain & Haley Armstrong surprised their son with the addition to their family and took home a Solid Blue Boy called Arli.

After being a fan of the French Bulldog breed for so long, we decided the time was right to add to our family.

We searched across the internet and came across Blue Frenchies UK. They stuck out to us straight away by how professional their website is. After an informative phone call with Marc we decided to visit his home to see a litter of 6 new pups. We were introduced to them and chose a Solid Blue Male which we called Arli.

Over the coming weeks Marc kept us up to date with Arli’s progress and encouraged us visit him again. Marc then delivered Arli to our home when he was 8 weeks old. Arli has settled into our home perfectly. He has a beautiful soft nature (perfect for our 7-year-old son) and everyone who meets him loves him!

Marc and Dawn have been so professional and helpful and are so knowledgeable on the French Bulldog breed. They still keep in touch now to see how Arli is doing, it shows how they care so much about each pup. We would highly recommend them as breeders and can’t thank them enough for our boy Arli.

Footballer David Ball and his wife Sarah took home a Solid Blue Boy to be part of their family and called him Ace.

We contacted Marc a few months before he was due a litter. He was very knowledgeable and provided us with the information we sought out to make sure the French Bulldog was the right breed for us.

After waiting a couple of months, Marc was in contact to tell us they had just welcomed a new litter and we could visit once Mum & Pups were ready to allow visitors. As soon as we walked in the door we fell in love, what a beautiful sight seeing all the pups snuggled into mum feeding. We chose out our boy within almost minutes and chose to name him Ace. Marc let us visit as often as we wanted and encouraged us to bring Ace his collar, toys etc. to get him used to them before we could take him home.

The day we took Ace home was brilliant, the boys love him, he settled really well and if we need any advice, Marc is always available to help us along. Were so glad we chose to get our Frenchie from Blue Frenchies UK and would recommend them to anyone wanting a forever fur baby!

John took home one of our Solid Blue Boys and called him Gus.

I contacted Marc after encountering a Frenchie from Blue Frenchies UK while out walking. We talked about me getting a Frenchie and kept in touch over the next 6 months.

Marc emailed me one day informing me Cali was in season and that they were expecting puppies in the coming weeks. Once the pups were born Marc allowed me to visit Cali & the puppies and I chose my little lad and called him Gus.

Marc kept me updated over the following 8 weeks and I went to visit Gus twice in this time. Once it was time for Gus to come home, Marc hand delivered Gus to me with all his paperwork and a bag of food.

I would certainly recommend Blue Frenchies UK to anyone looking for a loving, quality & healthy Dog. Gus is just perfect.

The Kristensen family from Nairobi in Kenya took home one of our Solid Blue Boys to Africa and called him Rhino!

Instagram: frenchie.rhino

Finding the perfect dog for your family can be hard, but if it’s a Frenchie you are after, you can trust that Marc & Blue Frenchies UK will answer all the questions you have! I appreciated how open and honest Marc was from the beginning, the communication was great which was important as we live in Kenya, so were unable to visit Rhino before he arrived.

Marc would send us updates and photos before he came and still continues to check in on Rhino and how he’s doing. Blue Frenchies UK are obviously breeders who care about their puppies wellbeing and care that they are with families who will love them!Rhino really is just the sweetest boy and the perfect companion to each of my three children. He is playful, curious, social and protective, we love him!

Thank you Marc & Blue Frenchies UK, we found the perfect dog for our family!

“Rhino is most likely the most handsome dog I have ever seen. I am always proud to claim that Rhino is my dog, who knows how to put a smile on my face, for a matter of fact he is actually breathing on my neck as we speak. He loves to play football with me, and when he is tired, he will rest on my lap. Thank you Rhino for sharing and creating memories to remember.”
-Baros, aged 11

“Rhino is a very caring and loving dog.Everyone around knows him, and he is always friendly enough to greet them.Rhino is a very curious little thing he loves going places and is always ready to explore!Rhino is always keen to play if it’s Soccer, Rugby, Fetch, anything.He’s always bringing great memories to the family pictures.Rhino is a cheeky little monkey who hides socks in every corner of the house. Rhino loves to chill out and just relax.Rhino is a wonderful dog and we are all so grateful to have him”
– Quba, aged 11

“Rhino has the cutest squish face that I just love to squeeze, sometimes he growls and then I know he wants alone time. He can also be crazy when he does his ‘zoom-zoom’, then I just move out of his way! He likes to listen to my stories, but he also likes to eat my LEGO! I have lots of names for him and I can teach him tricks, but I have to give him treats or he won’t listen to me! I love my dog! He’s going to stay with me forever!”
– Vida, aged 5

The Moura Family recently relocated from Brazil to London and took home one of our beautiful Solid Blue Girls and called her Mia.

Instagram: mia.bluefrenchie

James Villalobos became part of our breeding program and took Xena home to Orange County, California, who was named by his daughter Bethenney.

Instagram: jimmybluefrenchiesuk

I’d had a couple of dogs growing up and my sister has had a dog for the last few years, but I never considered myself a ‘Dog person’. That was until I met Skyler when I visited the UK in 2015. I fell in love and decided I must have a French Bulldog!! Marc suggested I bring a Frenchie to California in a couple of years which I was ecstatic about. Once my daughter heard about this, I got asked every day for 3 years!

After a lot of preparation and research we finally got Xena here in September and she has settled so well. My daughter is smitten and my mom has also fallen in love. Xena loves to play all the time and even drives my sisters dog crazy! Marc arranged everything to get Xena into the USA flawlessly (other than a hiccup with a Swiss Air handling agent messing up). All I had to do was go to LAX to pick her up.

I travelled to the UK to help Marc whelp 2 litters and from this I have picked up knowledge and look forward to Marc & Dawn coming over to help whelp Xena’s litters in the future. We plan to expand the program here in the US to breed healthy puppies for loving families.

Ed Hubennette waited around 6 months for a puppy from us and took home a Blue Pied boy and called him Elroy.

Finding the right breeder can be a challenge. I am so pleased to have found my new French Bulldog from Blue Frenchies UK.

From the very first interaction Marc was awesome. He was very proactive in communicating, very attentive to what I was looking for and extremely helpful in ensuring Elroy has a great life.

Blue Frenchies UK are focused on the health of our their puppies and have taken the time to ensure Elroy is in good health and good hands. I can’t thank them enough and look forward to adding another Frenchie to our house in the not too distant future.

Randy Berridge contacted us in early 2018 and took home a Beautiful Blue Boy to Amsterdam in January 2019 & called him Ollie.

The Blue Frenchies UK family really sets the standard for breeders. The level of professionalism, attention and helpfulness really set the bar high. It’s clear that they are committed not only to breeding beautiful healthy pups, but are also committed to ensuring the homes & families they go home to are the right fit. They really care for the pups not just from birth but once you’ve brought your pup home. They were helpful and understanding throughout the entire process. Answering questions, providing guidance, keeping you up to date on the growth and development of your pup. Even after I took little Ollie home, Marc checked on both of us to see how we were doing.

It’s clear that breeding these pups is a passion and commitment out of love for the breed and their own dogs. I feel confident knowing that with any questions I can continue to reach out to Marc & Dawn throughout Ollie’s life – they’ve really made Ollie & I feel like part of the Blue Frenchies UK family and if you are serious about bringing one of these beautiful boys or girls home you can expect nothing but the best from them. All of my expectations were exceeded I feel truly grateful.

Lucia & Gordon from South Africa took home one of our Blue Pied Girls & called her Bella.

Since we have recently moved to the UK, we thought this would be the perfect time to start our own little family and what better way than the addition of a puppy. I have been a dog person my whole life which led to me becoming intrigued and eventually obsessed with French bulldogs. After many hours scrolling through Instagram, one of my best friends told me to follow Marc and Blue Frenchies UK where I spotted the puppy that was absolutely perfect for us. All that was left to do was to convince my husband. After all who could possibly not fall in love with the beautiful Bella (formally Elsa).

We recently travelled to Paris to meet up with our friends who had committed to buying a solid blue girl from Marc. After many conversations and picture sharing, we just knew that this was the best fit for us and my husband eventually gave in.

After the initial contact and conversations with Marc, we could see the passion and love that he puts into everything he does to ensure that the puppies have the best start to life. Marc was fantastic with sending us regular pupdates and pictures of our little girl before fetching her and was so accommodating leading up to the big day.

On the day that we went to pick her up, we were greeted by the happiest family of beautiful Frenchies where we received an information pack, an abundance of knowledge and advice from Marc as well as lots of kisses from Bella and her family. To this day he still follows up with us to make sure that Bella has settled in nicely, that she is doing okay and to check if we have any questions.

The service and support we have received has been nothing but phenomenal and we would highly recommend Blue Frenchies to everybody that is interested in giving a Blue Frenchie a home. One thing is for sure, we definitely can’t remember let alone imagine life without our little Bella now.

Michelin Star Head Chef Aymeric & his partner Kendal waited a while to take home their Solid Blue Girl to Paris and called her Bijou.

We have had the most incredible experience in dealing with Blue Frenchies UK.

We are based in Paris and Marc really went the extra mile in helping us find the best way to get our little Bijou from Manchester to Paris. Marc has been excellent in communication with us and has continued to check up on Bijou’s progress ever since.

Bijou is such a happy and healthy little pup with the most loving and gentle temperament!

Overall, we have found dealing with Blue Frenchies UK a great experience.

We’re here to help! Get in touch for more information.