Our Families

When you buy a French Bulldog from us here at Blue Frenchies UK, you become part of our great big family.

Jon & Katherine

The Felstead Family

Katie Walsh

Anke Schroeder

Marc & Lisa

The Ingles Family

The Harrop Family

The Groves Family

Simone & BasicallyIDoWrk

Hattie & Ben

The Bradbury Family

The Cannon Family

The Holcombe Family

Becca Gibbons

Aymeric & Kendal

Lucia & Gordon

Randy Berridge

Ed Hubennette

James Villalobos

The Moura Family

The Kristensen Family

John Dalby

David & Sarah Ball

Iain & Haley Armstrong

The Davidson Family

Nina Rönkkönen

Andi & Mark #2

Andi & Mark #1

Tara McIlroy

Francesca Colacurcio

Amanda Walker

Peter Crossley-Ellis

Adam Clayton

Jack & Lily took home one of our Blue Fawn girls and called her Tallulah.

Tony & Karan took home one of our Solid Blue Boys to the South Coast and called him Sully.

Lucy & Tom from Lancashire took home one of our Blue Fawn Girls and called her Nelly.

Abbie & Luke flew in from Guernsey to take home their Lilac & Tan Boy Derek.

Pat & Gary in Cornwall took home a boy.

We sent Eric to his home in Wimbledon with Adam & Diane.

Kaoru & Traci from America waited 13 months to welcome a puppy to their home in London and took home one of our Blue Fawn Bitches and called her Billie-Jean.

The Zafiris Family from Chesterfield took home a Blue Fawn Boy and called him Diego. Instagram: day_with_diego_

The Kara family from the USA took home one of our Blue Fawn Boys to their home in London and called him Rocco.

Dan & Ellesse came to us for their forever baby and called her Saint.

Paul & Sukina in Essex took home their boy and called him Hugo.

Faye came back for a second puppy from us and called him Finley!

Chris & Colin from America chose on of our Solid Blue Girls for their home in London and called her Olive.

Naomi & Ed from the Isle of Man took home TWO of our puppies, a Blue Fawn & a Blue & Tan Girl and called them Winnie & Willow. Instagram: winns_willow

Dana from Ukraine took home on of our Beautiful Blue Fawn girls to her home in London and called her Thora. Instagram: thorathefrenchie

Ed & Naomi came back to us for their THIRD Frenchie from us and called her Wren.

Katie & James took home a girl to London and called her Wall-E!

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