Becca Gibbons took home our first ever Lilac Pied Girl & called her Matilda.

Instagram: _matildaandme_

I had wanted a dog since I was a child and decided on a French Bulldog about two years ago. After doing my research I knew to find a KC registered breeder to get the best out of the breed. I knew people who had done a quick search on the internet when buying a dog and had trouble from the offset. I searched for registered breeders around the North West and found Blue Frenchies UK. I read every word on the website before deciding that this was the family for me and added my name to the waiting list. From this point on, Marc was amazing. He kept us informed and involved every step of the way, from pairing with Dorris, to pregnancy, to birth. The wait was 100% worth it.

When Dorris gave birth, Marc notified us within days and sent pictures of the pups for us to pick our girl. As soon as we were able, we were invited to visit as often as we wanted. We were sent pictures and videos and updated on her milestones. The information Marc offers is unlike anywhere else and he clearly knows the breed and his dogs. Nothing was too much for him.

The day we brought our little Matilda home we were given an extensive puppy pack full of info – something which definitely helped in those first few weeks! Once you’re in the Blue Frenchies family you never leave, and I still contact Marc now – he is literally a fountain of knowledge. If anyone asks where we got Matilda, we rave about Blue Frenchies UK and tell them not to go anywhere else! We actually already gave our recommendation to someone who is now on the waiting list for the next litter. Everything is faultless – the dogs, the pups and the service. We can’t walk down the street without someone stopping us and telling us how beautiful our girl is. We can’t thank Marc (and Dorris!) enough for giving us our perfect puppy.