The Felstead family from Essex took home one of our Brindle girls and called her Flo.

We cannot thank you enough for letting us pick Flo and bring her to our family home. From the moment we knew we wanted a French Bulldog we researched lots of breeders and decided that your passion and care for all your litters was beyond amazing. Your communication was great, and we decided to take the 4 hour drive up to select a pup.

As soon as we saw Flo, we knew she was the one. I could have taken all the puppies home they were simply stunning and so friendly. We got to meet mum and your other Frenchies and all were friendly and loving.

When we took Flo to the vets for her next lot of injections, they were really impressed with her ‘wide’ nostrils and firm build.

She is now a very much-loved part of our family and we can’t thank you enough for all your help and support before and after selecting Flo.

So glad we found you Marc and we are forever grateful for Nala! Your experience with Frenchies is just what you need when you are a first-time dog owner and someone who is still around now to ask any questions as Nala grows up! Thank you so much again! You’ve brought a lifetime of happiness to our family. We are already wanting another Frenchie!!!