The Kristensen family from Nairobi in Kenya took home one of our Solid Blue Boys to Africa and called him Rhino!

Instagram: frenchie.rhino

Finding the perfect dog for your family can be hard, but if it’s a Frenchie you are after, you can trust that Marc & Blue Frenchies UK will answer all the questions you have! I appreciated how open and honest Marc was from the beginning, the communication was great which was important as we live in Kenya, so were unable to visit Rhino before he arrived.

Marc would send us updates and photos before he came and still continues to check in on Rhino and how he’s doing. Blue Frenchies UK are obviously breeders who care about their puppies wellbeing and care that they are with families who will love them!Rhino really is just the sweetest boy and the perfect companion to each of my three children. He is playful, curious, social and protective, we love him!

Thank you Marc & Blue Frenchies UK, we found the perfect dog for our family!

“Rhino is most likely the most handsome dog I have ever seen. I am always proud to claim that Rhino is my dog, who knows how to put a smile on my face, for a matter of fact he is actually breathing on my neck as we speak. He loves to play football with me, and when he is tired, he will rest on my lap. Thank you Rhino for sharing and creating memories to remember.”
-Baros, aged 11

“Rhino is a very caring and loving dog.Everyone around knows him, and he is always friendly enough to greet them.Rhino is a very curious little thing he loves going places and is always ready to explore!Rhino is always keen to play if it’s Soccer, Rugby, Fetch, anything.He’s always bringing great memories to the family pictures.Rhino is a cheeky little monkey who hides socks in every corner of the house. Rhino loves to chill out and just relax.Rhino is a wonderful dog and we are all so grateful to have him”
– Quba, aged 11

“Rhino has the cutest squish face that I just love to squeeze, sometimes he growls and then I know he wants alone time. He can also be crazy when he does his ‘zoom-zoom’, then I just move out of his way! He likes to listen to my stories, but he also likes to eat my LEGO! I have lots of names for him and I can teach him tricks, but I have to give him treats or he won’t listen to me! I love my dog! He’s going to stay with me forever!”
– Vida, aged 5