Andi & Mark came back to us when Hettie was around one and a half about getting her a sister and they waited around 6 months to take home a beautiful Solid Blue Girl and called her Daisy.

After much debate we decided we would like another dog from Marc and Dawn and also to give Hettie a sister for company – we finally got to bring home our beautiful girl Daisy during August 2018. She is just gorgeous with a mischievous spirit and a very loving personality, and has bonded with Hettie really well. The pair are now inseparable and Daisy is definitely pack leader!!!

As before, Marc and Dawn have been fabulous and again we couldn’t recommend them highly enough. The dogs are bred to a very high standard and having met a lot of other Frenchies along the way, ours always stand out. Their dogs are fit and healthy and happy and looked after incredibly well. Marc has always stayed in touch and is always there to help if ever we need it.

French bulldogs make wonderful, quirky little companions and Blue Frenchies UK is definitely the best place to get one!