The Cannon family took home one of our Solid Blue Girls and called her Dolly.

We looked after my friend’s French Bulldog and instantly fell in love with the breed. I always do my research about breeders before even contacting them. Blue Frenchies UK had an impressive website but it was the initial contact with Marc which influenced our decision. He obviously cares deeply about his dogs and asked me lots of questions about us before allowing us to even visit as he blatantly only wants the puppies to go to good homes.

During our first visit, it was lovely to see the puppies in the family home and also to meet the whole Frenchie clan. It was apparent that every dog is well loved and knowing our Dolly had spent her first few weeks surrounded by these experiences and love and care confirmed our decision.

Marc then sent us photos of Dolly over the weeks and kept us informed of her progress. When we went to collect her, Marc was very thorough with helpful advice and provided us with a wealth of information to help us during the first few months.

Our vet said she’d never seen a puppy information pack like it! If ever I have a query, he is always there with a helpful response – even now! He even set up an owner group for Dolly’s siblings on Instagram which means we can all keep in touch and see how they’re all progressing.

Our Dolly has been the best pup we’ve ever had. She settled into our family instantly and we feel she was worth every penny. We know this is due to her breeding but also how she was reared during those vital first weeks of her life. I cannot recommend Blue Frenchies UK highly enough.