Tara McIlroy took home her beautiful Solid Blue girl Lilly.

Instagram: lily_the_woo

We first found out about Blue Frenchies UK via the Kennel Club Assured Breeder website. From the very start, Dawn and Marc were friendly and welcoming, inviting us to visit them and meet Skyler. We’d put some serious thought into buying a puppy as they’re such a big commitment, but knew immediately when we first visited that we wanted to have one of Skylers puppies – she’s such a gentle, lovely natured dog and it was apparent she was a much loved family pet from a great home. Marc and Dawn were also really knowledgable, answering all of our questions and sharing breed tips and training tricks. It was very much apparent that they considered and cared about which families would be lucky enough to have a puppy.

Even before the puppy’s arrived, we received regular updates and pictures of Skylers pregnancy which continued once the pups had arrived – it really made us feel involved and made the whole experience extra special.

Once the puppy’s were born we were able to visit several times, which was lovely as we could bond with Lily whilst waiting until she was old enough to come to her new home.

When the big day came, we received a fantastic puppy pack with everything we needed to make Lily’s move to her new home go smoothly. She has her mums lovely temperament and thanks to the wonderful care from Blue Frenchies UK, she was already well socialised and confident. Marc and Dawn continued to provide excellent after-care, getting in touch regularly to see how we were getting on.

We couldn’t recommend Blue Frenchies UK enough and the Frenchie obsession has well and truly taken hold..we couldn’t be without our baby now!