Francesca Colacurcio took home our big Solid Blue Boy Boris.

Instagram: the_frenchie_called_boris_

I found Blue Frenchies UK when I was looking for a car air freshener one night and after seeing how beautiful their dogs were, I signed up to the waiting list straight away.

I got an email from Marc to say that Sklyer had 6 puppies and he would like to know a bit about my self and my family. He also asked if I wanted a boy or a girl. I chose my big boy Boris and got to meet him when the pups were grown enough. When I got there I got to meet mummy Sklyer, she was really friendly and all the other puppies were beautiful. After that I got regular texts and pictures from Marc telling me how Boris is getting on, which meant I got to see him grow. I was allowed to go and see him as much as I wanted. I was amazed by this because I got to see my boy Boris grow and develop.

The service I got from Blue Frenchies UK was out of this world and I would 100% recommend them to anyone. I’m hoping in the future that I’m lucky enough to get another puppy from them to keep Boris company. I always wanted a blue French Bulldog and I’m proud to have got my boy Boris from Blue Frenchies UK. Thank you Marc, Boris is really happy and very loved and we would be lost without him!