James Villalobos became part of our breeding program and took Xena home to Orange County, California, who was named by his daughter Bethenney.

Instagram: jimmybluefrenchiesuk

I’d had a couple of dogs growing up and my sister has had a dog for the last few years, but I never considered myself a ‘Dog person’. That was until I met Skyler when I visited the UK in 2015. I fell in love and decided I must have a French Bulldog!! Marc suggested I bring a Frenchie to California in a couple of years which I was ecstatic about. Once my daughter heard about this, I got asked every day for 3 years!

After a lot of preparation and research we finally got Xena here in September and she has settled so well. My daughter is smitten and my mom has also fallen in love. Xena loves to play all the time and even drives my sisters dog crazy! Marc arranged everything to get Xena into the USA flawlessly (other than a hiccup with a Swiss Air handling agent messing up). All I had to do was go to LAX to pick her up.

I travelled to the UK to help Marc whelp 2 litters and from this I have picked up knowledge and look forward to Marc & Dawn coming over to help whelp Xena’s litters in the future. We plan to expand the program here in the US to breed healthy puppies for loving families.