Lucia & Gordon from South Africa took home one of our Blue Pied Girls & called her Bella.

Since we have recently moved to the UK, we thought this would be the perfect time to start our own little family and what better way than the addition of a puppy. I have been a dog person my whole life which led to me becoming intrigued and eventually obsessed with French bulldogs. After many hours scrolling through Instagram, one of my best friends told me to follow Marc and Blue Frenchies UK where I spotted the puppy that was absolutely perfect for us. All that was left to do was to convince my husband. After all who could possibly not fall in love with the beautiful Bella (formally Elsa).

We recently travelled to Paris to meet up with our friends who had committed to buying a solid blue girl from Marc. After many conversations and picture sharing, we just knew that this was the best fit for us and my husband eventually gave in.

After the initial contact and conversations with Marc, we could see the passion and love that he puts into everything he does to ensure that the puppies have the best start to life. Marc was fantastic with sending us regular pupdates and pictures of our little girl before fetching her and was so accommodating leading up to the big day.

On the day that we went to pick her up, we were greeted by the happiest family of beautiful Frenchies where we received an information pack, an abundance of knowledge and advice from Marc as well as lots of kisses from Bella and her family. To this day he still follows up with us to make sure that Bella has settled in nicely, that she is doing okay and to check if we have any questions.

The service and support we have received has been nothing but phenomenal and we would highly recommend Blue Frenchies to everybody that is interested in giving a Blue Frenchie a home. One thing is for sure, we definitely can’t remember let alone imagine life without our little Bella now.