The Harrop family took home a beautiful Solid Blue Boy and called him Darwin.

After years of consideration and a change of lifestyle, we were finally able to commit to having a dog. Frenchies are a great fit for a family that has time to be the companion these dogs need. We found out about Blue Frenchies UK online and right from the initial email to now, we have felt supported on every level. Marc is diligent in his research about the home and family that he sends his puppies, and in a time of a pandemic, it was really encouraging to know that we’d found one of the great breeders out there.

Marc updated us throughout, with pictures and videos, sharing the milestones and making it special for us. Marc also drove from Manchester to Suffolk and hand-delivered our puppy, Darwin to us. He then spent time with us, taking us through all the important details, setting us up for success and leaving us feeling in no doubt that we had someone we could always contact for any queries we may have.

We were given a puppy pack which our vets have commented on as being of outstanding quality, citing it as the most comprehensive they have seen. They also informed us that our Frenchie had the best temperament they have come across in a puppy!

Darwin settled easily on night one and has continued to grow in confidence. He is playful, energetic, super gentle with children and loves to spend time just being around people and other dogs. Those early days and weeks of a puppies life are the foundations to build on and Marc and his family gave our little Darwin the best start in life and we’ll be forever grateful to them.

Marc stays in touch and has a lovely family message group set up so that we are all able to catch-up on our puppies siblings and share stories. It really does feel like you join the Blue Frenchies family. It’s not just for show, these guys really do care!

Thank you again to Marc and his family. You’ve been amazing and we love how much you obviously adore the Frenchie breed. Your experience and knowledge have been invaluable to us. We all, Darwin included, thank you for being an extremely responsible breeder whose devotion to high standards of breeding shines through in every way possible. THANK YOU!